Bee Friendly

Bee Friendly

Save the Bees!

  • Albert Einstein estimated that the human race would have no more than 4 years to live if bees disappeared.
  • 80% of the crops that we eat are pollinated by bees.
  • For a bee colony to make 0.5kg (1lb) of honey, they will visit at least 2 million flowers.

Bee numbers have been severely decimated and it seems to be down to a combination of several factors;

  • The Varroa mite, which carries the virus varroatosis.
  • The loss of habitats.
  • Chemical use, especially neonicotinoids.

 More and more, as modern agricultural methods render the countryside an inhospitable “desert”, private gardens increase in importance and are fast becoming little “oases” for wildlife.

If you, like many people, are worried about the plight of the world’s bees, you can do your part by planting nectar-rich plants in your garden. This will go a huge way to attracting and helping other insects too.

Bee Garden

You will find our Bee Garden at the front of The Mains of Drum between our entrance and exit doors. This herbaceous boarder, planted in October 2011, uses plants specifically selected for their benefit to bees, butterflies and other useful insects such as hoverflies.  Here is a list of the plants that we have there to help our bees.

  1. Nepeta Six Hills Giant
  2. Paeonia Pillow Talk
  3. Persicaria Dimity
  4. Thalictrum Hewett’s Double
  5. Lysimachia punctata Variegata
  6. Sedum Purple Emperor
  7. Geranium psilostemon
  8. Eupatorium purpureum
  9. Leucanthemum Broadway Lights
  10.  Geranium Buxton’s Blue
  11.  Verbena bonariensis
  12.  Anemone Whirlwind
  13.  Paeonia Raspberry Sundae
  14.  Agastache Honey Bee Blue
  15.  Buddleja White Profusion and Empire Blue
  16.  Aquilegia Blue Barlow, McKana Hybrids and Blue Star
  17.  Parthenocissus quincefolia
  18.  Phygelius Moonraker
  19.  Phygelius Salmon’s Leap
  20.  Achillea Salmon Beauty
  21.  Nepeta Six Hills Giant
  22.  Aster Monch
  23.  Delphinium Black Eyed Sailors
  24.  Monarda Mohawk
  25.  Scabious Moon Dance
  26.  Kniphofia Alcazar
  27.  Cirsium atropurpureum
  28.  Euphorbia Black Pearl
  29.  Veronicastrum Fascination
  30.  Knautia Red Knight
  31.  Geranium Orion
  32.  Carlina simplex
  33.  Delphinium Black Eyed Angels
  34.  Geranium psilostemon
  35.  Nepeta Pink Dreams
  36.  Salvia Adora Blue
  37.  Campanula lactifolia
  38.  Euphorbia Black Pearl
  39.  Paeonia Kansas
  40.  Nepeta Pink Cat
  41.  Paeonia Festiva Maxima
  42.  Monarda Pink Supreme
  43.  Heuchera Berry Smoothie
  44.  Macleaya cordata
  45.  Phygelius Funfair Wine
  46.  Berkheya Silver Spikes
  47.  Echinops ritro
  48.  Phlox Red Riding Hood
  49.  Geranium sanguineum striatum
  50.  Cephalaria giantea
  51.  Achillea Terracotta
  52.  Eryngium bourgatii
  53.  Verbena bonariensis
  54.  Rudbeckia Goldstrum
  55.  Aster Monch
  56.  Echinacea Kim’s Knee High
  57.  Scabious Moon Dance
  58.  Sedum Purple Emperor
  59.  Garrya James Roof
  60.  Phlox Eva Cullum
  61.  Viburnum bodnantense Dawn
  62.  Monarda Cambridge Scarlet
  63.  Calaminta Blue Cloud
  64.  Cephalaria giantea
  65.  Helenium Moorheim Beauty
  66.  Lythrum Robin
  67.  Lonicera Serotina
  68.  Delphinium Black Eyed Sailors
  69.  Scrophularia Variegata
  70.  Heucherella Sweet Tea
  71.  Centranthus albus

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